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How to use format your videos to play on DirecTV Media Share with XBMC

I recently upgraded to DirecTV with the whole house dvr and noticed they have a media share feature.   I have XBMC running on my Android STB which works well but I can only watch my movies on the TV it is plugged into or on Smart TVs with DNLA support.    With the DirecTV receivers I can now have the ability to stream movies to all my tvs.

After testing it out, I found that the media share has very limited support for what types of files are supported.  I found I got the best results with the following format

Video: MPEG-2 TS

Audio: MP3 Stereo

PART I: Encode to MPEG-2

Now that I figured out the supported format, I set out to find the easiest way to convert my DVD and existing files to the compatible format.   I have been using HandBrake ( for quite a while and really like  the simplicity of it.  I am using version 0.9.9   The previous versions have an error when performing 2 pass encoding, so you will want to make sure you are using this version or later.

The first thing is to select your video source by either adding a DVD folder or Video File.   After adding the file, choose the destination and  for Container choose MKV file.

For picture, I just leave the default settings.

HandBrake Video Settings

Filters leave everything set to off unless you have a reason to apply a filter such as Deinterlace

HandBrake Picture settings

On the Video tab, these settings are very important.

  • Set the Codec to MPEG-2(FFmpeg)
  • Quality choose Avg Bitrate and set to 2500
  • Check 2-Pass Encoding

HandBrake Video Settings

On the Audio tab choose MP3 for the codec and change Mixdown to Stereo HandBrake Filters Settings

Skip the subtitles tab.   Uncheck Create chapter markers on the Chapters tab.  Don’t change anything on the Advanced Tab.

Once you have these settings click Encode to start the encoding.

PART II: Change container from mkv to mpg

Once Handbrake is finished, you will have an mkv file.  You can test the file with VLC Media Player if you want, but MEDIA SHARE won’t recognize the file because it needs to be a MPEG-2 TS file.     For this you will need to download FFmpeg.     You can find download links here

After downloading the file you will want to change the container with the following command parameters
-y -i inputmovie.mkv -f mpegts -vcodec copy -acodec copy outputmovie.mpg

On windows you can create a bat file with the following

SET FFMPEG="D:\Downloads\ffmpeg-20130602-git-5711e4f-win64-static\bin\ffmpeg.exe"



%FFMPEG% -y -i %1 -f mpegts -vcodec copy -acodec copy "%OUTPUT_FILE%"

You can then set handbrake to run the bat file when finished processing by going to Tools->Options->General and browsing to the batch file that you just created for “Send file to:”


How to root the air pad and then install Ice Cream Sandwich

This is an older tutorial.  Please see my updated tutorial for version 4.0.3 which is much stabler



My X10 Airpad 7p is now running Android 4.01.   See pictures in previous post.  Here are the instructions that I followed to accomplish this.  A couple of warnings first.  This can brick your airpad and will void the warrantly, so only proceed if you are willing to risk that.    I make no guarantees that this will work.  It worked for me, but that is all I know.  I currently know of no way to recover the airpad if it fails.

This upgrade will completely reset and delete all your settings, information, and apps.   So you will need to set everything back up and redownload your apps and widgets.




Prepare the files
1. Extract the firmware so you can see the image named “MOMO9C-4-Kevin”
2. Install LiveSuitPack 1.07
2. After running the exe go to the folder and run the application (LiveSuit.exe approx. 2mb)
3. Browse to the folder where the image MOMO9C-4-Kevin
4. The tablet should be off

Prepare the Momo9
5. Whilst keep volume+ button pressed, plug it in via USB
6. Keep pressing the volume+ button and also press the power button time for 10 times
7. After several presses on the power button there will be a “sound” it connects as Windows recognises new USB hardware
8. Windows 7 will install drivers automatically, in Windows XP you need to point windows to the directory where you extracted software
9. When all the drivers are installed, the firmware will start to install automatically

Finishing the Installation
10. There will be no sign of loading on the Momo9 – don’t worry
11. On the PC, LiveSuit shows a bar graph – it takes about 2 mins to go onto the Momo9
12. After the yellow bar on Livesuite is completed action (about 2 mins) nothing happens.
13. You will see an exclamation mark (using Windows 7) with no text. Click OK.
14. Then wait a few seconds. Unplug the momo9 from the USB. You will see a green battery symbol. Ignore it. Restart the tablet manually (as normal using the on/off button).
15. After this, you will be given two options, click start using android wizard (or something similar).

Everything should be included (Market, Navigation, Maps etc) Enjoy it!


Thanks to Momo9 owners – to upgrade the firmware here seem the best summary (from miljenko, Pandawill, MoAnsar, and others)

More information can be found in the online forum at:!!!-MOMO9-Android-4.0.1-ICS-firmware/page5

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Rooted Airpad 7p with Ice Cream Sandwich Installed

After some doing some research online I have been able to root and install ice cream sandwich on my airpad 7p.  It seems to run the new android os nicely.

Here are some pictures:


Android Market place on the Airpad. The Airpad is not shipped with the market

Airpad About Info Page

Airpad apps and widgets installed