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Install Windows XP Guest Services in Windows 10 HyperVisor

I needed to do a test in a windows xp environment today. Since I am running Windows 10 I simply created a new Virtual Machine in Hyper-V Manager and installed an old copy of Windows XP from an ISO image.

After completing the install, I could not find any way to install the Integration Services (aka Guest Services). I never had this issue in Windows 8.1, so I wondered if I could just use the drivers from Windows 8.1.

Since I have a backup of Windows 8.1 before I upgraded, I went searching the backup and found this folder:


I restored this folder and downloaded an application to create an ISO image from a folder. The program I used was

Once I had a vmguest.iso file, I just mounted this in my guest operating system and ran


Now I am running Windows XP with integration services in Windows 10

Copy Windows 10 Update Build 9860 to another computer

I have a couple of computers and Virtual Machines running Windows 10 Technical Preview. A few days ago Build 9860 was released but I didn’t want to have to download this update on each computer or vm. I found a work on around.

Download and Backup the update

On one of your computers, you will need to download the update by going to Start -> Search -> Windows Update Settings and then choosing Preview builds and click “Check Now”. Download the 2.7 gb update to your computer but DON’T click install. Instead open your windows explorer and go to C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution\Download folder.

In that folder you will find another folder named 90e20608895b69e99c2e15487a65d780. It should have three files in it

Copy the entire folder to another location such as an external hardrive or usb thumbdrive. This step is very important as the update deletes itself after the install.

Now go ahead and update your system.

How to use this back up?

On your second computer or virtual machine instance, open the windows explorer and copy the 90e20608895b69e99c2e15487a65d780  folder you backed up to C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution\Download

Now when you go to the Preview builds update and click check, your computer will have the Install Update option instead of download. Go ahead and install the update. (Note: you may have to reboot if the computer didn’t find the update.)

Happy Updating!